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The company has developed Bio-Protect 2 against diesel bugs. This well-known product has been on the market since 1985, and has shown to be very effective against contamination problems. The product is registered and approved in NEMS Chemicals, a database for offshore industry chemicals. The company has dealers all over Europe and can deliver all over the world. Contact Maritim Consultants AS if you want to become a part of the team against diesel bugs.

The expertise that the company has built up in this area has proven to be very useful for offshore rigs, shipping and transport industries as well as recreational boat users. Maritim Consultants AS suggests using Bio Protect 2 on all Diesel vehicles to avoid diesel bugs.

Products against diesel bugs here. Web shop.

The company has also developed a disinfectant for the fish industry, fish farms etc. called Bio Kraft. This product is a preventative measure against growths, algae etc… in the seawater systems onboard boats.

Maritim Consultants AS can take ATP measurements of bacteria in oil-based products where the result is immediately available. ATP gives the exact bacteria level in samples. This can be used in oilproducts, drinking water and mutch more. Find out more about ATP

The Company is now looking for Agents and Distributors outside Norway. Bio Protect 2 is sold in Countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Poland and others. Also in these countries the marked is ready for more Distributors. Please contact Maritim Consultants AS for more information. Be the first in your area!