Change diesel filter again? Try diesel bacteria tests.

Samples for analysis can be sent to Maritim Consultants AS. The result will tell you exact how many living microorganisms there is in you sample. We also have reliable self-tests.

Maritim Consultants AS
Angeltveitvegen 3
5363 Ågotnes

Tel.: +47 31 17 60

Maritim Consultants AS can take ATP measurements of bacteria in oil-based products where the result is immediately available.

We also have another diesel bacteria test, a self test for diesel bugs, the umbrella term for bacteria, mould, fungi.

Another diesel bacteria test is called dipstick. Dipsticks is a self-test and can be sent from our warehouse, within 2-3 days. The best test area is the diesel filter but can be anywhere in contact with diesel. Instructions are included in each package. Shipped worldwide.

Infection on the photos was completely removed after using Bio Protect 2 - in this case without cleaning the tanks. Diesel bugs test from Maritim Consultants AS is in use all over the world. Maritim Consultants AS has been working with diesel bugs for more than 25 years.

Maritim Consultants AS have knowledge of many different diesel bacteria tests. Please contact us if you need information on other test methodes. Not all tests are reliable.


Diesel bacteria test

Aqua-Tools is the supplies of ATP-equipment

Take the test from the diesel filter or drain. If bacterial activety in diesel filter and diesel, use Bio Protect 2 killing dosage.. After use of Bio Protect 2 it can be necessary to change diesel filter in the beginning. Have available diesel filter the first tank after using Bio Protect 2. Use prevenive dose on second bunkering and forward.