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Bio Protect 2

comes in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml bottles. Can be used to prevent or kill bacterial activity in diesel. Very effective against bacteria, algae, and mug. The product has been on the marked for 27 years. Bio Protect 2, is registered and approved as offshore chemical. Can be delivered in most countries. 

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Dieselbacteria test/dipstick 10 pc.

Dipstick is a simple self-test to use and gives a good indication of bacterial activity in diesel oil. Bacteria, fungus and algae can be analyzed on a dipstick. Can be used in all diesel fuel. Larger diesel-vessels using dipsticks as part of the procedure on board. 1 pack contains 10 pc. Dipstick has expire date. Normally 7-9 months ahead. Current date can be seen on the front page. Continuously updated.

Contact us to get in the tank

Its not always easy to get into the tank and clean. We have a smart solutions that does not require welding. Install a manhole with only a 102 mm holedrill and drill. Comes in several sizes

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