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About Us

Together with it's Principles & Associates, Fuelquip Solutions strive to provide specialize consultations & total fuel solutions to all our customers in the following expertise:

  • Storage Tanks & Tank Gauging System
  • Fuel Dispensers & HDPE Flexible Piping
  • Fuel Pumps & Industrial Meters
  • Service Station Equipment
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Aviation Refuelling Equipment
  • Terminal's Loading Arm & Accessories
  • Oil Preservation For Storage Tank
  • Mechanical Engineering & Fabrication

Storage Tank

Fuelquip distributes several types of storage tanks to suits owner preferences and site constrains. Sizes are available from 1,000 to 70,000 liters.
a) Above/Underground Steel Tank to BS Standard.
b) Double Wall FRP Jacketed Steel Tank to UL 58 Standard.
c) Double Wall Fibreglass Tank to UL 1316 Standard.
d) Day Tank.

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