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Maritim Consultants AS offers effective solutions to avoid and prevent diesel pests. Explore our range, including Bio Protect 2, and discover our dipstick testers for self-analysis and prevention of diesel pests. Alongside reliable workshops, we also provide tank cleaning services at reasonable prices. Our ATP analyses provide accurate values in fuel, reducing costs for cleaning and removing diesel pests.

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Test for Diesel Bugs

Diesel Pest Test: Bio Protect 2 Stands Out Among 9 Products

The test was conducted by Denmark's largest boating magazine, 'Bådmagasinet.' The product that emerged as the winner is available for purchase in our online store.

We share the perspectives of the test and firmly believe that Bio Protect 2 is the absolute best product for combating diesel pests

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Bio Protect 2 gir deg overlegne fordeler: Bio Protect 2 provides superior benefits: Prevents clogged filters and diesel bacterias:

Maintains consistent engine performance
Keeps the tank and pipe system clean: Ensures optimal fuel efficiency
Acts as a condensation remover: Reduces moisture in the fuel system.
  Prevents corrosion: Protects components for longer lifespan.

Choose Bio Protect 2 for reliable performance and long-lasting protection.

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Fighting Diesel Bugs

Since 1985, Maritim Consultants AS has proudly produced Bio Protect 2, a renowned solution in the battle against diesel bugs. Our product has proven effective in various applications, including offshore, and is registered in the NEMS database, making it ideal for use in offshore environments.

Our products are not only a favorite among Norwegian shipping companies but are also actively utilized by international players. We extend beyond maritime industries, providing reliable solutions for small boats, cars, tractors, buses, and all other vehicles operating on diesel.

Become part of the success story in the fight against diesel bugs with Maritim Consultants AS. Our products offer reliable protection, no matter where the journey takes you.


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Our Swedish agent has once again developed a tool in the battle against diesel bugs. 

Have you cleaned your tank? Experienced clogged filters?

Keep both your tank and filter in top condition with Bio Protect 2 – prevention is the key

Do you want more in-depth information about diesel pests beyond what you find at www.dieseldyr.no? We recommend Googling the terms Diesel Bugs or Diesel Bacteria. Here, you can discover relevant information about the phenomenon. Our experience suggests that regular gas stations often do not offer effective solutions against diesel pests. Feel free to explore our articles for even more information about diesel pests. Feel free to explore our articles for even more information about diesel pests.

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