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If you or your company cannot find the specific analysis you need among our standard analyses, feel free to contact us. We also offer custom analyses upon request. If we do not perform the desired analysis ourselves, we have an extensive network of partners who can assist.


Diesel bugs :

An analysis with us will quickly reveal any problems with diesel bugs. The further procedure depends on the extent of the growth detected. In some cases, a thorough cleaning may be necessary, while in others, adding biocides or biostats may be sufficient. The key to preventing diesel bugs is to keep the systems as free of water as possible.

Flash Point:

The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a flammable liquid can be heated before enough gas is formed above the liquid's surface, allowing the gas/air mixture to ignite from an ignition source. A flash point analysis provides an opportunity to assess whether an oil is contaminated, especially in terms of lower flashpoint inclusions. Provides immediate and accurate results for the bacteria level in oil products.

Water Content:

To quantify water content down to 1 ppm, coulometric Karl-Fisher titration is used. Small amounts of water in certain systems can lead to corrosion. Increasing water content can result in oil oxidation, with the loss of key qualities, and in the worst case, potentially lead to system failure.

Particle Counting: 

Automated particle counting provides accurate information about the number of solid particles of various sizes in the oil. This analysis is commonly used for hydraulic oils and provides insight into the level of contamination in the oil.

How to send samples for analysis?

Send samples to the address on this site email us your questions regarding the various tests

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