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Does the tank need cleaning?

Bacterial growth in diesel often leaves a dark, slimy mass or sludge. Bio Protect 2 will prevent this mass from growing further but will not remove it. The mass/sludge is located at the bottom of the tank and as a coating on the walls and in the pipe system connected to the tank.

It can be a significant challenge to empty and clean the tank. If there are large amounts of sludge in the tank, it must be cleaned. In addition, the pipe system should be blown through with compressed air to remove the coating of diesel bugs. The infected diesel remaining in the tank can be used after adding Bio Protect 2. Ensure not to reintroduce the slimy mass back into the tank after cleaning.

Procedure for confirmed diesel bug in diesel oil:

Empty the tank of diesel. You can keep the diesel as long as you do not reintroduce the bottom sediment back into the tank. Tip: use a funnel with a filter.

Clean the tank. Water must be dried up after cleaning. If it is challenging to access the tank, you can install an additional manhole in the tank. Manholes are available for purchase from us.

Clean the pipe system from the tank to the diesel filter. Tip: use compressed air.

After cleaning, pour the correct dosage of Bio Protect 2 into the diesel tank. To disinfect all surfaces, the diesel tank can be refilled with diesel.

Bring extra diesel filters with you during the initial period. You should change diesel filters after the first tank is empty. Residues of dead diesel bugs can clog the filters initially. A lethal dosage will dissolve and carry the remnants of dead bacteria to the filter. After this, you can use Bio Protect 2 preventatively, and you will never experience diesel bugs or harmful bacterial growth again.

Residues of diesel bugs will create problems again and again if you clean the tank without disinfection using Bio Protect 2 or a similar agent.

How to access the tank for cleaning?

It is often a challenge to clean small and medium-sized tanks. Some tanks only have an opening for filling diesel. In such difficult cases, we recommend installing a manhole. This is easy to mount yourself. Click for more about the manhole.

Is Bio Protect 2 the only product that works against diesel bugs?

No, there are many products on the market against diesel bugs, but few work to the same extent as Bio Protect 2. The problem is navigating the jungle of such products. Many products claim to kill or prevent diesel bugs, but very few are effective against the problem. We cannot claim that it is wrong that so many products work against diesel bugs because even a regular condensation remover has some effect against diesel bugs by removing condensation and water, which is part of the life support of diesel bugs. This will also have some effect against diesel bugs. However, we can say that Bio Protect 2 is among very few products against diesel bugs that can effectively address the diesel bug problem.