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Consultancy services within transport, cars, small boats, agriculture, ships, and offshore platforms, specializing in challenges related to diesel bug issues

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About us

Maritim Consultants AS is a dedicated consultancy specializing in transport, cars, small boats, agriculture, ships, and offshore platforms. Our main focus is addressing challenges related to diesel bug issues, and over the years, we have developed expertise that positions us as reliable advisors in this field. With a committed team of professionals, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and consultancy services to meet the needs of this specific sector.

Our story: 

Established in Bergen in 1985, Maritim Consultants AS embarked on its journey with a focus on product sales primarily directed towards Norwegian shipping companies. Over the years, our commitment has grown significantly, and today, our diesel bug products reach far beyond national borders. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Singapore, and Finland now benefit from our solutions.

In the same year as our inception, we introduced Bio Protect 2 as an effective measure against diesel bugs. This renowned product has been available in the market since 1985, proving its exceptional efficiency in combating diesel bugs. Registered and approved in the NEMS database for offshore chemicals, Bio Protect 2 is a reliable choice for those who prioritize quality and reliability in the fight against diesel bugs.

Maritim Consultants AS is proud to offer the latest bacterial testing system for diesel. With ATP testing, samples can be analyzed instantly, providing precise information on the number of living microorganisms in your diesel. The company's significant expertise in this area has proven valuable for the maritime industry, offshore rigs, shipping, and the transportation sector.

Optimal Fuel Maintenance with Maritim Consultants AS:

To ensure the flawless performance of your fuel system, Maritim Consultants AS strongly recommends preventive measures against diesel bugs. Our reliable solutions, Bio Protect 2 and diesel bug tests, are available for easy purchase in our online store or by contacting us via email.

We conduct thorough ATP measurements of bacteria in oil products, delivering immediate results. ATP provides an accurate description of bacteria levels, relevant not only for oil products but also for drinking water and more. Maritim Consultants AS also offers ATP testing equipment for your practical use.

Bio Protect 2 acts as a preventive measure in all diesel. In cases of high bacteria levels, a lethal dosage of Bio Protect 2 is recommended for the initial application, followed by regular preventive use. Take control of fuel quality with Maritim Consultants AS – your reliable partner for effective fuel maintenance.

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