Diesel Bug Analysis: Gain Insight into Your Tank with Our Testing Services

Our testing services:

Maritim Consultants AS is your reliable partner for diesel analysis and testing. We offer two main types of diesel bug tests, along with a wide range of analyses for diesel and oil products. Whether you need a check or certification for diesel, we have the necessary analyses to provide you with insights.

Self-Test with Dipstick or ATP Test? We give you the choice between two practical methods:


Dipstick test:

Provides results within 2-3 days after the incubation period.

Indicates the presence of diesel bugs but may not provide results as precise as the ATP test.

Dipstick Combi, with a clear expiration date, is available at competitive prices from Maritim Consultants AS. Each diesel bug test comes with a complete user manual. Send us an inquiry or purchase your Dipstick Combi here.

ATP-test (Adenosine Triphosphate):

Provides immediate and accurate results for bacterial levels in oil products.

Analyzes oil products, gas oil, drinking water, and more.

Results from the ATP test are presented in a comprehensive report from Maritim Consultants AS. The report includes our assessment of the result and recommendations for any necessary actions.

We use ATP test equipment from reputable suppliers such as LuminUltra.

How to Send Samples for Analysis?

We are dedicated to delivering reliable analyses to ensure the quality of your oil products.

ou can easily send us 15-50 ml of diesel, and we will perform the test for you. Order your diesel bug test today and receive the analysis results at your address.

Choose the method that suits you best and protect yourself against diesel bug problems.

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