Diesel bugs: The Unwanted Guests in Your Fuel

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What are Diesel Bugs?

Diesel pests are tiny organisms that live in diesel fuel. They feed on diesel oil and reproduce rapidly through cell division. They leave behind a slimy dark substance that clogs filters and damages the tank, pipes, and engine system. Even small amounts of diesel pests form deposits in the tank, pipes, and engine system, reducing the engine's efficiency. You may notice that the engine does not run at full speed as it once did. Diesel pests clog filters, and the problem will escalate if not addressed.

Oil products, like other organic substances, will be broken down by microorganisms. Microorganisms in this context include bacteria, fungi, and algae, commonly referred to as diesel pests in the case of diesel. When diesel pests grow in diesel oil, they metabolize parts of the diesel oil into components that are directly harmful to combustion engines.

Gray or black slimy compounds are formed in diesel oil. This forms a slippery layer in tanks and piping systems, leading to the clogging of pipes and filters. In this coating, millions of microorganisms or diesel pests per gram of diesel can be detected. Microorganisms attack and oxidize surfaces in tanks and fuel systems, causing significant damage.

Bacterial growth and other diesel pests can result in reduced or complete failure of fuel supply. Many boat accidents and issues with diesel-powered cars are due to bacterial growth, fungi, and algae. Therefore, Maritim Consultants AS encourages preventive measures by adding Bio Protect 2 to the tank.

Maritim Consultants AS receives daily inquiries about the issue of cleaning after diesel bacteria. At the bottom of the page, you will find tips on cleaning. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Tips for combating diesel pests

Keep the tank free of water. If you have drainage on the diesel tank, we recommend draining frequently. Condensation remover will have some effect on the vital environment of diesel pests. Air or empty space in the tank, i.e., little diesel in the tank, will normally result in more condensation. Large temperature differences also lead to condensation.

The diesel you fill can still contain diesel pests. Check the diesel regularly with a diesel pest test. There are several different tests to choose from. We recommend an affordable and good test called a dipstick. Such a test costs only NOK 100,- and can be ordered in the online store.

Good tank hygiene will help against diesel pests. Diesel, including biodiesel, is initially almost bacteria-free. Make sure that bacteria stay away from your tank. This is easier said than done, and therefore, we recommend using Bio Protect 2 when refueling. By using Bio Protect 2 preventively, you will not experience problems with diesel pests.