Optimal Tank Access: Manhole and Tank Fitting for Easier Maintenance

In the perpetual quest for effective solutions in fuel systems, manholes and tank fittings have become cornerstones for easier access and maintenance in tanks. Explore how these innovative products can streamline your operations and provide a hassle-free experience.

Manhole: A Smart Approach to Tank Access
A manhole with a 100 mm opening, suitable for self-installation, provides direct access to the interior of the tank. Available in stainless steel or transparent finishes, this solution offers not only functionality but also material choices. Easily install this solution with a drill and steel bit, experiencing a new way to handle your tank requirements. Developed in response to challenges related to cleaning in the presence of diesel bugs, the millimeter dimensions offer flexibility in choosing the right size.

Benefits of a Manhole: Improved Access, Simpler Maintenance
Installing a manhole not only provides better access to the tank but also streamlines maintenance processes. The straightforward installation makes it a user-friendly solution, and the wide range of available sizes ensures suitability for various needs. Choose between variants with a steel plate or a transparent/makrolan lid to customize the solution to your specific requirements.

Tank Fitting: Efficient Retrofit for All Tank Types
Our tank fitting is designed for easy retrofitting in all types of tanks. With a comprehensive user manual, it's easy to install on your own. Follow the steps carefully: choose a suitable location, avoid splash shields, drill a 35 mm hole, and follow the detailed installation instructions to ensure a snug and reliable fit. The included drilling template provides precise measurements, and the external dimensions of 15 cm make this tank fitting adaptable for different tank thicknesses.

Best Price and Easy Installation Process
Our manholes and tank fittings are now highly popular and sold across large parts of Europe. With the best price available, it's a cost-effective investment for anyone valuing easy access and efficient maintenance of their tanks.

Take a step towards simpler tank maintenance and better access today. Explore our manholes and tank fittings to upgrade your operations and ensure a smoother operational experience. Download the drilling template for a 100 mm opening to get started on your own retrofit.


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